Apparently Janice of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem wants you to help recruit Glenn Beck for President in 2012, if this video from Main Street Bites Back is any indication.

With this, their war on the NAACP, and their loses last night in Alabama in both the 2nd district and gubernatorial races, could it possibly be that the Tea Party movement has jumped the shark? They were the crazy, scary people of 2009, but it seems more and more they are the crazy, funny people of 2010.

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  1. Metavirus says:

    the quality of the opposition is truly eye-popping

  2. ChristopherTK says:

    Um, what was that?

  3. skip7712 says:

    WHAT !!!!!! surely you jest….Here is a high school drop out with a motor mouth being considered for the leader of this country,,,,,,tell me it aint so. What a clown….what a buffoon……He's an entertainer not a leader or politician. Give him a Captain's hat and put him before a TV …..wall la…you have Captain Kangaroo…….This doesn't surprise me that he is suggested for President by another cartoon character……….Why would this motor mouth give up his job of 30 to 50 million a year for the Presidents job of about 250,000 dollars ??? ……..This has to be a joke.

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