Got swallowed up by the Trump Telenovela’s most recent turns, but this is really, really bad. I have no problem assuming that no other Democrats want Manchin to be running the committee that would address climate change, but while a few people (including Bernie!) share particular blame for this, the party at large really has a problem. The dreams of a lifetime baronial perch atop a big committee are quite obviously more important to Dem Senators than keeping awful people away from those perches. It keeps happening: crooked Bob Menendez at Foreign Relations, bank-owned Tim Johnson a few years back at Banking, etc. Probably something the senators running for president ought to be asked about.

  1. lumpkin says:

    The democratic leadership doesn’t really care about global warming either do they.

  2. Metavirus says:

    always remember, we basically only have one party in this country to which our politicians belong: The Corporatist Party; the rest are just rounding errors.

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