I’ll grant that there are perhaps some good reasons as to why it might not have been a good idea for elected Democrats to give voice to the rage that practically defines being a member of the Donkey Party in 2019. Wanting to defend civility and preserve (mostly imagined at this point) bipartisan bonds is not one of them, though I think it’s by far the biggest reason why we’ve had to swallow civility sanctimony during the Trump era. At any rate, it is particularly nice to have a new group of energetic and loud’n’proud freshmen giving voice to what Democrats actually feel. Inspiring, even. There are definitely days where I despair at the Democratic Party. I still have strong reservations as to whether they’re up to the task of defeating movement conservatism. Too many don’t want to do that, and seem to be unlikely to be persuaded that they should want to do it. In retrospect, Barack Obama’s greatest contribution to the Democratic Party may well turn out to be his total indifference to planting his stamp on it: had he filled the party with his protégés, the whole situation may well be unsalvageable.

At any rate, Reps. Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib (among others) are pissing off the right people and making voices heard on Capitol Hill that haven’t been heard so far. This is good!

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