Theresa May might as well legally change her name, so often is it prefaced by the word “humiliation.” She got another one today. It will not be the last. I admit that sometimes I do feel bad for her in spite of myself. Sure, she’s a right-wing hack who’s in way over her head and quite obviously values remaining in the job at any cost for as long as possible over anything else. And she set the conditions to make Brexit as bad as it possibly could be, having it drag on for years and distract attention from everything else, which no doubt makes the right-wing media barons who are her real constituency happy—yeah, look, it doesn’t make sense, she’s the absolute worst! But you can’t help but feel bad for somebody who gets punched in the face every single day, even if it’s their own damn fault. Empathy truly is a curse sometimes.

On the other hand, since apparently The?Thick?Of?It?is done for good, reality is supplying us with a pretty good version of what the show so routinely did, which I appreciate. But also it can never come back: how could you satirize reality as bonkers and tragic/hilarious as ours? It would be like this times a thousand:

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